Job Seekers…

As you embark on any career search Playsmint has identified five key areas to strengthen your search and expand your career opportunities.

1.    Playsmint Coaching – Powerful Resumes, Effective Networks, Productive Interviews (PEP)
2.    Employment Services
3.    Transition Assistance – Playsmint Style
4.    Trainings and Certifications
5.    Networking 2.0

Playsmint Coaching – PEP

Playsmint Coaching is based on the concept of Powerful Resumes, Effective Networks and Productive Interviews (P.E.P.).  A Powerful Resume shines positive light on your experiences and shows you as a results oriented person.  An Effective Network works for you and gets your Powerful Resume into the right hands.  Lastly, you close the deal with a Productive Interview.
Our system is designed to teach you the skills to write your own Powerful Resumes, build Effective Networks and execute Productive Interviews.
Bring P.E.P. to your career search with Playsmint Coaching!

Powerful Resumes

•    The best resumes focus on results and use quantitative facts to back up those results.
•    You will learn to write your own Powerful Resumes and grab the attention of that recruiter!
•     Playsmint Coaching System gives you the tools for life-long resume development.

Effective Networks

•    Networking is a powerful tool but it must be purposeful.
•    Effective networks can have a profound effect on your future career opportunities!
•     Playsmint Coaching System teaches traditional networking techniques as well as how to use Web 2.0 to multiply your efforts exponentially!

Productive Interviews

•    After writing Powerful Resumes that shed positive light on your professional accomplishments and building Effective Networks that can get your resume into the hands of decision makers, you must be able to close the deal with Productive Interviews.
•    Playsmint Coaching takes the mystery out of interviewing with sound and proven techniques for answering tough interview questions.
•    Learn how to structure interview answers for multiple types of interview questions

Employment Services

Or focus is employment, with an understanding that the individual seeking employment is a human being, and may have other needs outside of just employment.   Upload your resume and let’s start talking about the right employment solution for you.

Career-advancers and changers

Playsmint offers its’ job seekers coaching, training and career enrichment opportunities.  Our expertise in Sales, Supply Chain Operations and IT industries allows us to help you find best match for your next career move..

Vocational Rehabilitation

Playsmint is a Community Rehabilitation Partner with the Texas Workforce Commission – Vocational Rehabilitation Services (TWC-VRS). We offer job placement, training and professional support services to persons with disabilities.

Transition Assistance – Playsmint Style

 Our transition assistance is a holistic approach and is best suited for:

•    Career Changers
•    Graduating Students
•    Veterans Completing Military Service
•    Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Playsmint professionals will tailor your transition to your needs, aspirations and skill-set.

Transition assistance includes:

•    Aptitude testing
•    Skills Assessments (DiSC)
•    Corporate Etiquette
•    Dress-to-Impress
•    Trainings and Certifications (Microsoft, Lean 6 Sigma)
•    P.E.P.
•    Mentoring
•    Referrals to appropriate social and health services

Networking 2.0

 Learn to navigate and maximize your use of powerful and practical networking 2.0 tools such as:

•    LinkedIn
•    Facebook
•    YouTube
•    Twitter
•    Blogs
•    And more…

Trainings and Certifications

  • Microsoft Certification
  • Microsoft Tutorials
  • Lean 6 Sigma

•    Yellow Belt (Free!)
•    Green Belt
•    Black Belt

Please give us a call at 832-380-4VET (4838) with any questions or to schedule.