Employer Solutions…

There is fierce competition for talent!

Many Fortune 500 companies are discovering the value that Veteran employees bring to their organizations.

The military is a unique culture, with subtleties that are not easily understood outside of it.  Playsmint knows military culture, corporate culture and how to translate one for the other.

Our solutions assist with:

1. Training and Consulting
2. Reduction in Force (RIF)
3. Retention
4. Tax Benefits – when employing many Playsmint professionals

Training and Consulting

Employers benefit from Playsmint’s expertise and our ability to train and certify talent in:

•    Lean 6 Sigma – Certification

o    Yellow Belt
o    Green Belt
o    Black Belt

•    Career Coaching – P.E.P.

o    Powerful Resumes
o    Effective Networks
o    Productive Interviewing

•    Microsoft Certifications
•    Military Transition Consulting
•    Process Reengineering Certification
•    Communication Strategies
•    Corporate Etiquette
•    Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral Assessments (DiSC)

Reduction in Force

For organizations that are experiencing a Reduction in Force (RIF) Playsmint can help to ease the transition and put those former employees in a strong position to help themselves.

Out-Playsmint Services can include:

•    Playsmint Coaching
•    Assessments
•    Networking 2.0
•    Trainings and Certifications
•    Other Customized Solutions


Playsmint offers insider strategic human capital guidance to help companies attract and retain valuable Veteran employees.

Benefits of working with a Playsmint Professional

Playsmint’s network of Professional Veterans offers employers the opportunity to take advantage of Federal tax benefits under the Work Opprtunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Employers that hire Veterans may receive a tax credit ranging from $2400 up to $9600.

Playsmint offers unique services to employers under the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs).

•    Provide qualified staff for your needs while pre-screening each applicant.
•    Offer customized on-site training to qualified new hires.
•    Ensure mutual satisfaction between the employer and newly hired employee.
•    Offer retention services for eligible employees who have developed a disability and need assistance to keep their job or get back to work as soon as possible.
•    Employers may receive as much as $10,250 Federal tax incentives when hiring people with disabilities through: Disabled Access Tax Credit, Texas Franchise Tax Credit, and Welfare Work Tax Credit