Playsmint’s Mission:
To strengthen communities through quality training, quality people and a commitment to those we serve.

Our company name, Playsmint (pronounced \ˈplās-mənt\) is a play on words designed to get people to stop and think differently when it comes to placing our Veterans into meaningful careers.  Our goals are to:

•    Fill the leadership gap in Corporate America with proven leaders from the United States Military

•    Serve communities that have been underserved through; training & coaching, transition assistance and tailored, focused and effective career services.

•    Prepare employees for advancement through advanced training & coaching.

Playsmint is a multi-functional employment and training organization, focused on Veterans and other underserved groups who have traditionally received less than adequate training for employment opportunities and professional development.

Playsmint was founded by military Veterans who personally understand the nuances of a post-military transition as well as the intricate details of the recruiting process.